Important Road Testing Information

  • Road Test Checklist
    What do I bring? How do I prepare for an Alberta Driving Test?
    Click here for a complete checklist to help you prepare for your road test.
  • Cancellations & Rescheduling
    Be sure to check the individual policies for the Registry Agent where you will be testing. Click here for changes to your booking, and rescheduling information.
  • Alberta Road Testing Eligiblity
    Am I eligible? What happens if I am not? Do I forfeit my fees?
    Click here to find out more about eligibility, and your road test.
  • Suspensions / Reinstatement Codes / Mandatory Road Tests
    Recently suspended or have reinstatement codes? Wondering if you can still book your road test online? Has a doctor referred you to take a road test? Find out what they mean, who to contact, and what you should do next.