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  • Great customer service and efficient staff. Was in and out within 15 mins!

    avneesh sharma Avatar avneesh sharma

    The staff was great and very friendly. They were able to help me out with all of my needs and... read more

    Kartik Sharma Avatar Kartik Sharma

    The registry line is usually pretty busy. The service is always good.

    Paul Swabey Avatar Paul Swabey
  • Great staff! and excellent service! it's literally a one stop shop i was able to get register my car and... read more

    SukhK . Avatar SukhK .

    Sue Arnold has been my broker since I was 16. When I call her I simply say I am calling,... read more

    Miss C Avatar Miss C

    Awesome bunch of people working here.They will go above and beyond to find out the answer for you.Staff try there... read more

    Pretty Devil Avatar Pretty Devil
  • Typical registry, always a line up and busy. Good customer service.

    Carey Symak Avatar Carey Symak

    Everyone here was very accommodating! The staff was super friendly and efficient!

    Alicia Bhardwaj Avatar Alicia Bhardwaj

    Well maintained registry with excellent staff. The registry is always busy but the staff is incredibly efficient. Nick is super... read more

    Ragini Kalra Avatar Ragini Kalra

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