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  • I've never had such a painless experience with any Registry office. Thank you, Parnika for your exceptional service!

    Our documents were... read more

    Anoop Singh Sachdeva Avatar Anoop Singh Sachdeva

    My favourite part of my road test was about 30 mins in when the examiner suddenly decided to start talking... read more

    Ryan Cooper Avatar Ryan Cooper

    Attended this shop previously to adjust vehicle plates. Was not too crowded, wait in line was fairly short. ... read more

    Kimberly BZ Avatar Kimberly BZ
  • My son took his drivers test with Kathleen (I think that was her name?), excellent service. Also, the young lady... read more

    dallys boychuk Avatar dallys boychuk

    I was very nervous for my road exam and I honestly thought I had failed but, the examiner then tells... read more

    Kelsey Nicole Avatar Kelsey Nicole

    Had to get a new id they were fast and professional . (Review to enter 250$ draw)

    Olive Sobek Avatar Olive Sobek
  • Well maintained registry with excellent staff. The registry is always busy but the staff is incredibly efficient. Nick is super... read more

    Ragini Kalra Avatar Ragini Kalra

    My daughter had her drivers test today. It was busy but the lines moved pretty quick the instructor was professional,... read more

    Kathy Prill Avatar Kathy Prill

    The service was prompt and friendly. The employees prioritised the customers' time and ensured everything went smoothly. Overall,... read more

    Bessie Jahnke Avatar Bessie Jahnke

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