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  • 5 star to the examiner. Badge # 14324…I think she said her name was Arun something .. that’s all... read more

    Kay Avatar Kay

    I was pleasantly surprised when I went in a few days back to renew my licence and photo. Surprised that... read more

    Liam Smith Avatar Liam Smith

    David, the driving instructor, where the contest entry forms are, was very helpful showing me how to enter the contest.... read more

    Diana Dohei Avatar Diana Dohei
  • My favourite part of my road test was about 30 mins in when the examiner suddenly decided to start talking... read more

    Ryan Cooper Avatar Ryan Cooper

    Exceptional service and my new one-stop shop for all vehicle and insurance needs. Very courteous and knowledgeable staff, it’s always... read more

    Smlatour Avatar Smlatour

    I was very nervous for my road exam and I honestly thought I had failed but, the examiner then tells... read more

    Kelsey Nicole Avatar Kelsey Nicole
  • I visited Farnese Registry for a marriage license and was happy with the level of customer service. The staff is... read more

    Bradley Metcalfe Avatar Bradley Metcalfe

    I found the staff very helpful, the woman who helped me was very kind, and a bit of a looker... read more

    Steve Hare Avatar Steve Hare

    Typical registry, always a line up and busy. Good customer service.

    Carey Symak Avatar Carey Symak

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