Motor Vehicle/ Vehicle Information Report (VIR)

  • Search Description

    Vehicle Information Report – VIR Is a report that provides information about a vehicle’s history in Alberta. The information includes:

    Status of the vehicles eg. Active, Repaired, etc.
    Year of Vehicle
    Make and Model of Vehicle
    S/N of vehicle
    Place of registration in Alberta
    Date of registration in Alberta
    Will state if there are any liens on the vehicle but will NOT provide details of the lien
    Customer will receive the search result by email within ONE business day.

    Vehicle Information Report will cost $39.25

    Terms and Conditions
    The customer is responsible for providing and entering the correct VIN number. Once the request is received by our online processing department the customer will be responsible for paying the full amount charged whether the information received is valid or not.

    Search Details
    If the Vehicle Information Report(VIR) is requested by Ontario Minstry of Transportation please provide their fax number.